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Based in France, BKTRONIC is a company specialized in ABB robotics and electronic repairs for the industry.

We offer repairs, supply and replacement parts for almost every ABB parts. We have a large number of electronic boards in stock and we are able to offer solutions for a majority of ABB reference numbers through our international network of partners. (see our page ABB robotics).

We can also meet your needs for any product in the range of Siemens PLCs (S5 and S7), Telemecanique and for drive units, power supplies and controller cards from Siemens Simodrive.

We offer attractive prices and all of our spare parts are tested and have a 1 year warranty.

Do not hesitate to contact us: our repair quotes are totally free and we will answer any price inquiry within the shortest  time.

We have long been accustomed to emergency management: in case of a breakdown on a production line, we will make every effort to find a solution as fast as possible.





ABB robotics


S3 ABB IRB 6000S4 ABB IRB 1400S4C ABB IRB 6400IRC5 ABB IRB 140irb 1600
irb 4400








Bktronic offers many services around ABB robots of all generations.

Our main activity is the repair and supply of replacement parts for electronic components such as teach pendants, power supplies and drive units.

We also offer solutions for electromechanical elements such as wrists, motors and control cables.

We have test robots in stock from S3 to IRC5 generation, which allows us to test our repairs and deliver a restored and working part, guaranteed for 1 year.


Bktronic also offers on-site interventions for preventive and curative maintenance on any generation of ABB robots. (See our on-site maintenance page for more information).

We also sell tested and refurbished used robots, and are always interested in buying any used robots you might have in stock. (See our purchase/sale of robots page).

For any inquiry, feel free to contact us directly by phone or via the contact form.


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